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Statement of Faith

We believe that God’s truth is incarnational. That is, God expressed his truth by coming in the flesh and suffering in our presence. This is how he showed us who he is, so we could follow. Any truth that is expressed in a credal form, that isn’t incarnational, that isn’t shared by those who are prepared to suffer, isn’t truth. People can only see truth as they see it first in us, dying for them so they can live.

Our Library

We have compiled a list of some of the books that have been referenced as sources for the material on this website, and references that are thought to be useful for further reading on the subjects this website covers. 

We draw on information from many sources, from different backgrounds and areas of expertise.

About Kent

Kent grew up on the north shore of Sydney and went to the local Presbyterian church. 

Over the years Kent, Ruth and their team have seen the gospel take root and grow in regions of massive terrorism and persecution that have endured for many years. They have seen the gospel take over communities and bring peace and real change in lives and cultures. 

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