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Building a New World | Worship in the Corinthian Meeting

  The purpose of the charismata, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, is to restore integrated, healed on holistic community. His purpose is to transform us into the image of Christ, who humbled himself, rather than sought bigness, to restore the world. Our worship meeting is to reflect Christ’s humility, so the weak are honoured, […]

Trinity – One Creator, Redeemer God

  A look at Hebrew positions related to the trinity and how this informs our gospel theology for a renewed creation and our discipleship as the church in the world today, especially as God’s peacemakers. How can the Christian vision of the trinity fit into the Hebrew bible vision of one God? I don’t think […]


  I don’t mean sustainable environmental policies. As important as they are, that is not what this article is addressing. I mean the expectation that charity should be sustainable. Somehow this seems to be a contradiction. A good place to start is with Paul’s definition of love. Love gives and keeps giving of itself. It […]

Social Economics | Social Agriculture | Moving Forward with Peace

  Peace comes in stages. There is first the cessation of hostilities. After that there is the slow building of relationships, building bridges and taking down walls between relationships. Then there are the acts of restoration, caring for the sick and the wounded in conflict, the persecuted and the widows and orphans, on both sides […]

Patriarchalism and Restoring Justice

  The scriptures were written in our patriarchal cultures. The story of the bible is about God coming to meet with us within our own cultures and incrementally drawing us to his image as we see it in Christ. Christ is how we ought to see God, not through the lens of our own cultures. […]