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Light Overcoming Darkness

The Coming of God’s Rule Against Evil Two texts – One message Revelation 19 speaks of Christ coming on a white horse with a sword coming out of his mouth. It is not literal text but speaks of God’s judgment against “Babylon” which was Jerusalem of the first century, which joined up with Rome to […]

Trump & the Global Elite – It impacts all our nations

Sharing some of my personal views in this article which have developed as certain facts have come to light. Going back to the 2016 USA election, which I found very conflicting. I saw the Obama regime as war mongering and felt the continuation of this regime in Hilary Clinton would be extremely dangerous, escalating the […]

Crossing Over in the Storm

When will deliverance come? Recent international events add even more anxiety to many people in Nigeria and other places, not knowing what the year will bring. The sufferings of many years bring a perspective to current events that is real. In the article below, we dive into biblical themes for assurance that is not empty […]

Popularism – Defeating a Resurgent Feudalism

I have been following with interest the recent events in America with mounting evidence of state and business sponsored election fraud, with a lack of transparency in assessing the true situation, and with censorship or professional retribution against qualified people who try to bring clarity. The same problems are evident in the “Covid pandemic.” Those […]

Good and Evil

Good and Evil: We Need To Make A Stand Today Many of the things we will speak about in this article were until recently the ideas of conspiracy theories. Now they are being openly spoken about by the World Economic Forum. It is no longer theory. Plans to tag and monitor human beings are unfolding […]