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Genesis 22 – God Ends Sacrifice

There is so much in this chapter. To start with, Abraham loved his son Isaac dearly, just as he also loved Ishmael. This trial of offering up Isaac goes to the centre of our faith in many ways, that of trusting God. It’s true that we must die, or what we most cherish must die, […]

Genesis 21 – The Promise, The Flesh

God fulfilled his promise to Abraham and Sarah, and they bore a son they named Isaac. This chapter continues to open up a lot of the human customs of the time and the problems that arose from them in a fallen world. The purpose of the promise is to finally deal with these problems to […]

Genesis 20 – The Question of Election

After the destruction of Sodom Abraham moved towards the Negev and into the territory of Abimelek. As was their custom. Abraham and Sarah agreed to call themselves brother and sister to avoid rouble with the king. The reason for their journey could have been to do with the destruction of Sodom and the wider region […]

Genesis 19 – The Destruction of Sodom

“Fire fell from God in heaven.” This phrase is also used in Job and it doesn’t mean that God literally sent fire down to earth from heaven. It refers to God’s judgment. This means God removes his protective grace and allows natural or political forces to run their course. In Job it referred to God […]

Genesis 18 – The Appearance of Yahweh to Abraham

At first Abraham seems to take his visitors as respectful travellers and calls them in for rest and refreshments. This would have been custom for godly people at the time, to show such hospitality to strangers.  Abraham used the term “lord” for his leading guest, which in the NIV version of the scriptures refers to […]

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