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Conflict and the Environment 

For many years we have been experiencing conflict between Fulani cattle herders and farmers of other ethnicities in Nigeria. A typical kneejerk response is to paint the conflict along religious lines and demonise the other party. Humanity has behaved this way for millennia and resorted to the usual solutions of violence to fix the problems. […]

1 – God’s Plan of Salvation Over the years we have often seen God’s salvation on a limited basis, that is, on an individualistic level. The gospel we have preached is about our personal salvation, our personal blessing, and our personnel eternal life in heaven. But now we have come to understand that this isn’t the gospel that God promised to [...]
2 – Trinity & Gospel as Understood by a First Century Jewish Messianic Believer: Paul

he concept of trinity in Paul’s thinking stemmed very naturally from his Jewish faith. The theme starts in Genesis 1, with creation itself being kicked off by light, spirit and word. These three were the presence of God within and for his creation. The light, spirit and word represent “God with us”, with his creation. […]

3 – Hebrew Gospel – Circumcised Heart/Renewed Land

n discussing the themes in Genesis 1 & 2 we need to do so from the perspective of its recipients. These recipients were the Hebrew people who came out of Egypt with Moses. Moses handed them the first five books of the Bible, from Genesis to Deuteronomy, also called the Pentateuch. One question which should […]

4 – John’s Gospel of New Creation – Shekinah

he four Gospels speak of the coming of Christ from various perspectives. In Luke, there is a strong kingdom emphasis. Luke shows that Christ had come to set up a new type of kingdom on the earth through the gospel and church, and that this kingdom would renew the world and our communities as it […]

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