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1 – The Vision

hese notes review sexual morality in the context of pagan culture and in the overall picture of God bringing a new liberty to humanity and to the creation in its entirety. We see that in pagan culture there is a bent towards destruction. God’s law was a partial step in turning people back from this […]

2 – Sexual Morality in Rome

n Rome, we saw the consequences of unbridled pagan culture. Paganism has dominated the world since its creation and the call of Israel was the beginning of God speaking a vision of a kingdom of peace into our pagan world. Sexual morality in Rome was based upon class and in favour of the stronger men. […]

3 – The Early Church & Sexuality

o, when the church lived a different sexual ethic, it was largely because of their renewed view of humanity. In building “family” that included people on equal terms from Jewish and gentile backgrounds, the value of humanity came to the fore. This new liberty for people was expressed in terms of sexual morality, freedom from […]

4 – Sexuality, Paul’s View

t has been said that the early church, including people like Paul, took into their evangelism of the gentiles a negative view on sex. This isn’t true. They took in the Hebrew view on sex. In this view, sex is good and part of God’s creation. It isn’t thought of in a guilty way. But […]

5 – Relaxing Temple Laws

aul defended the gentiles coming into the church without having to follow the Jewish temple laws and circumcision. There has been confusion about which laws of the Old Testament have been done away in Christ and which laws still apply. Reconciliation The issue isn’t really one of law. The Old Testament laws were largely about […]

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