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2 – God’s Justice & The Problem with Substitution

grew up in a Western nation. In the post Second World War period, this meant that religiously we grew up with an emphasis on a judicial faith. The book of Romans was read this way. “God is angry at the sin of the world and was going to punish it. But Jesus stepped in and […]

2 – Atonement Theology and the Early Church

t’s amazing that we have said that the Gospels do not contain a coherent atonement theology. In evangelicalism, we have typically assigned such theology to Paul. This has left us with a rather technical and legal construct on atonement, largely impoverished, without the inclusion of the much richer Gospel accounts. The resultant atonement theory seems […]

3 – Sacrifice in the OT

acrifice on the school playground: Once, when I was a small boy, we moved and my parents sent me to a new school. I found a friend I thought I would get along with, and soon we were sitting together on a bench eating lunch. Then a large group of boys ran around the corner […]

9 – The Dangers of Substitutionary Atonement, An Abusive God & a Violent People

n this section we trace violence in early society, showing how violence builds in society today. We look at Jesus’ teachings and at how they can be applied, in turning this violence around, to build us a new better community. After the Flood, God’s actions concerning the redemption of the world kick in. Man’s experiment […]

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