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1 – The First Century: Context For Early Discipleship Life isn’t much different today as it was in Jesus’ day. The kinds of things we see happening in the Gospels help us in our discussion about discipleship. Personal Holiness First, we see the Pharisees. They were the orthodox. They cared strenuously about the scripture and the doctrines of their faith. They keenly felt the [...]
2 – Atonement Theology and the Early Church

t’s amazing that we have said that the Gospels do not contain a coherent atonement theology. In evangelicalism, we have typically assigned such theology to Paul. This has left us with a rather technical and legal construct on atonement, largely impoverished, without the inclusion of the much richer Gospel accounts. The resultant atonement theory seems […]

3 – Early Discipleship & Killing

onald J. Sider published, The Early Church on Killing, A Comprehensive Sourcebook on War, Abortion, and Capital Punishment (Baker Academic, 2012). It is a compilation of all sources documenting the views of the early church, from the first to the forth centuries. Sider’s book is an exceptionally valuable resource for understanding discipleship in the early […]

4 – Simplicity of the Early Church

e have already said in these notes that a major focus of the early church was on discipleship and this discipleship was focused upon the life of Jesus and his teachings. People had speculative views on doctrine, the nature of the trinity, or other matters, but these things weren’t at the centre of what faith […]

5 – Discipleship & Missions

he call to discipleship was a call to missions. Mission flows out of discipleship, just as caring for others flows out of love. Discipleship and missions began with the call of Jesus, a call to faith and repentance. Faith is accepting God’s reality, that in Christ he has initiated a covenant of grace, to turn […]

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