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1 – Background to Jesus’ Message

t has often been the case that the teachings of Jesus haven’t figured largely in our own emphasis. There are various reasons for this. The work of Christ on the cross, as essential as it is, has been at the forefront. And that is how it should be. His cross though highlights what Jesus taught. […]

2 – ‘OUR’ Father: A Prayer for our Communities

he first word in the Lord’s Prayer is “our”. “Our Father in heaven…” That is, the prayer is not about our individual piety, but piety expressed in community, towards others. We are not decrying individual piety. That is necessary. But it’s not enough. Our personal holiness is only the first step towards God’s purpose for […]

3 – Sermon on the Mount: Practical Steps for Renewing our World

lessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” For years we saw this as just a religious statement, like an encouragement, but with no real meaning. “Surely our inheritance is in heaven”, we thought, “not on earth.” Especially for the meek. The meek just get trodden down on earth and don’t inherit anything […]

4 – Enemies

he subject of our enemies is a big one and it was prominent in Jesus’ teaching. The enemies of Israel were a large concern in the Old Testament. God promised to give them final and absolute absolute deliverance from their enemies. Israel often thought their real problem was their natural enemies, meaning other nations who […]

5 – Greek or Hebrew: Where do our Ideas of Hell Come From

ehenna was a valley just outside Jerusalem. Back in King Hezekiah’s day, the Assyrian army attacked Jerusalem and many thousands of Assyrian soldiers died in their camp at night. When Hezekiah found their dead bodies in the morning, the corpses were thrown into Gehenna as a type of dump, to be consumed by fire and […]

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