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Galatians – Introduction, Background & Context

Before looking at Galatians, it is good to look at the background of Paul’s letters. What was going on at that time? What were the pressing issues that Paul was addressing?

No Other Gospel – Galatians 1

He isn’t speaking of going to heaven when we die. He isn’t even speaking of our personal salvation. His vision of salvation does include our personal salvation, but is much more than that…

1 – New Perspectives on Paul

What was Paul’s doctrine of salvation? Our answer to this question will be very different to our traditional view. Paul’s writings on salvation are very different to way we view salvation today….

Not a Party Gospel – Galatians 2

What is at issue, is whether Jewish believers in Christ will receive gentile believers, without forcing them to observe the Jewish customs. Paul points out the apostles at Jerusalem had no mind to force Titus to observe their traditions, but accepted him freely in Christ…

2 – The Problem of Individualistic Salvation

In our modern evangelical view of faith, we have opted for a very individualistic view of salvation, it has produced a lot of very negative consequences in our communities. These are many, and we will try to list just a few here…

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