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The industrial farming era: the march of the technocrats and monopolists to take over farming. It’s like another industrial revolution, but this time in farming. It’s an attempt to rationalise the farming sector, to bring its operations into a larger scale, so eventually merge the corporations into fewer in number and centralise control. And it squeezes the local rural population into cities. This is specific in both the Agenda 21 document of the United Nations, and the Great Reset document of Davos, the World Economic Forum. Land is being rezoned globally, removing the sovereignty of local, democratic government. These documents are available online, and seminars with experts (often corporate leaders) speaking about their implementation. They are using climate fear and pandemic fears to rush forward their changes. This isn’t speculation. It’s their own clearly stated program. The environment needs saving, it is claimed, by pushing people out of rural areas into cities, to save habitat. They claim it’s for better health and a better environment: but filling cities and emptying rural regions of people is bad for both. The more densely populated urban centres become, the worse our health. And the more industrial farming becomes, the worse it is for the environment.

Industrial farming takes on two main arms. One is crop farming and the other animal farming. Crop farming is industrialised by the introduction of artificial chemicals for fertilizers, weedicides, and insecticides. Genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) control farming, where seeds are industrialised, meaning they are modified, patented, and owned by corporations, like the Monsanto monopoly. Maze for example, one of the largest farming industries in the USA: over 90% of maze seed in the USA is owned by Monsanto. Farmers no longer own their own seed but must buy it every year from Monsanto. Chemicals like Roundup are then used to spray the resistant crops to kill insects. You end up with a scortched earth policy: no insects, devastated ecosystems from poison, including soil life being killed and soil eroded, and farmers with cancer fighting Monsanto in court. The rate of soil erosion in the USA and other industrialised farming centres around the world is so much now, that experts estimate major land areas have only 30 years left of harvest before turning arid. This is like a mining indutrry: mining the goodness out of the soil and leaving the exploited land resource devasted after the profits have been extracted. Monsanto doesn’t care for the longevity of the land, as rural dwellers would. For rural dwellers, it’s their life for generations. For Monsanto, they just move their capital into other sectors, into new opportunities.

Industrial animal farming is just as destructive. Animals are corralled into enclosed areas that are highly abusive. They are fed unnatural foods. Because of their unnatural conditions, disease is constantly breaking out among them, requiring high levels of antibiotics to keep healthy. These antibiotics enter our food chain and are consumed constantly by humans. Diseases breaks out from theses animal farms into the human population, like bird flu and swine flu. Antibiotics become resistant in our own human treatments.

The lie being told here is that animals contribute negatively to climate change. Then why did God make them? These atheistic, evolutionist technocrats think they can recreate the world better than God. It’s really unbelievable to think people can take this position, but this is what they say. However, animals contribute positively to climate, when managed the right way. Industrial farming is the wrong way. So monopolists, like Gates, tell us we need to eat fake meat, which he is now investing in. He has said he will make a lot of money from this. This will do more to destroy our environment than most things. Imagine robbing farms of animals. Gates is also developing fake baby breast milk, made from human milk glands. He said this is to tackle climate change, so we won’t need animal milk for baby formula. Another patent. Another market cornered. Money, money, money. Sorry, I forgot, this is “climate philanthropy,” from tax deductible funds. It’s amazing the number of things monopolists want to take away. “Mono” is a bad word all-round. What God gave us is much better: abundance and infinite variety.

The answer to these problems is said to be more technology. It’s more chemicals, in crop farming, and in animal medicines, to keep the system working. Gates and others are building a “new creation,” in which they can remake our world, and thereby save us all from climate issues and disease, which they themselves have helped create. The way creation was made, as in the beginning, was for animal and crop life to integrate for the wellbeing of us all. These monopolies are telling us our systems can be healthier separated, but creation tells us that animals and crops were made for each other, to provide what each one needs, in a holistic relationship. It’s the same with Covid-19, in which we are told that we are healthier indoors, in isolation from each other, in which we don’t mix germs and our immune systems become much weakened. This makes society much unhealthier. They instead want to keep us alive with vaccines, like animals in a corral. It’s completely against God’s free and good life.

It’s funny that in the “pandemic new normal” talk we don’t hear anything about restoring a holistic farming system. The policies that are being stepped up in the Great Reset are those that will make us the unhealthiest. Crowding people into cities reduces our nutrition, increases our stress, and increases our allergies. This is already putting a huge burden on our national health budgets. Our health systems are already breaking in many nations because of over urbanisation. This is also good for the monopolies. It puts us all into more debt, from which the banks profit. It reduces overall home ownership and enlarges the labour market at exceptionally low cost to business. The way Amazon treats its workers today is already close to slavery because the workers have no bargaining power. All the chips are in the employers’ favour. This is what over urbanisation does. Amazon is like a mining company, extracting wealth resources form its huge numbers of staff, only to throw them on the heap when they have finished. These companies exist just to extract wealth from all resources that can be exploited. They do not build wealth into local community. Unless we have economic policies that build local wealth, we cannot have democracy. Local democratic action depends on local economic empowerment.

The biggest deception in this “new normal” is that these corporate bodies that today run the United Nations, who claim to be interested in the environment, are increasing their destruction of the systems that our environment depends upon. We agree there are serious environmental issues today and humans always have a responsibility to care for the environment, and we are failing today in many ways that are extremely serious. Our greed, economic and nationalist competition, individualism, religions that seem to have no relevance to this world, but are only “heavenly” or “spiritual,” are part of the issue. The natural environment and animal welfare are in high risk today. But so is human life: the amount of suffering from poverty, war, exploitation, displacement, is even worse. All these are one and the same issue, according to the Old Testament Prophets. Our faith isn’t real but is selfish. We don’t care for others or for the world God gave us to care for. Unless this changes, the scriptures say, our repentance and faith isn’t genuine, and this makes God feel sick. He loves the whole creation: people, animals, and the environment, and has called us to manage it with love, not destroy it for our desires. We have used the environment and people to dominate others. We have taken from both without giving back, without restoring. God’s whole creation is managed around the principle of Sabbath: restoring land and restoring people. This is to be the centre of our politics, economics, agriculture, and relationships.

But if our concern is the climate in particular, then it’s the same Sabbath principle of the Old Testament that repairs that also. That is, it is soil microbial health that sequesters carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, more than any other intervention from technology. It isn’t the technocrats, monopolies and scientists that will fix our environment and keep our climate healthy, but the rural dwellers and farmers. When soil is filled with microbial and fungal life it absorbs carbon dioxide. When soil is healthy it is the number one reservoir for carbon dioxide. If this isn’t happening, then industrial farming is the number one cause why. The way to change this is to repair our soil and there is only one way to do this: build the soil’s natural ecosystems. When animal life is mixed with soil and plant life, both get the natural nutrition that is needed to generate a healthy system. This is the way nature was made. There is a proper way to manage herds that ensures the soil is rebuilt into life and that crops flourish without artificial chemicals. When our soils and grasslands are restored, the whole land/ atmosphere system functions perfectly. If farms don’t return to this integrated form of farming, the arid regions we already have can’t be restored, and much more land will also soon also become arid. Before the monopiles brought us their chemicals we farmed in this holistic way and it worked. We need to return to this method if we are to have a future.

One of the lies that has been told is that we need industrial crop farming to feed the starving masses of the world. I remember hearing this story when I grew up. It meant the clearing of huge areas in Australia to make the most “efficient” farms. Then we had all the excess crops to export to overseas markets. At university in those days, in economics, they called it “comparative advantage.” We grow as much as we can for other nations. It’s true there are times in famines and wars that we need to help those whose crops have failed. But the main reason for this industrial farming is to make more profits for ourselves. If we can dump more food on the global markets, then we can make more money ourselves. This kind of reckless globalism is destroying farming in local regions in many nations. Flooding developing nations with excess grain has killed off local faming, local communities, and local democracy everywhere. And thigh level gluten grain varieties, made for maximum profits, are contributing to high levels of food intolerances and allergies.

The really sad thing about this is that when these local communities are impoverished, child nutrition rates decline. When children are dying, other chemical monopolies come in and say their abortion technologies will fix the situation. So, instead of correcting our global relationships, to lift those whose economies and nutrition are faltering, we profit from their demise. And we call it “philanthropy,” sponsored by the United Nations. True philanthropy is building local capacity: local wealth in soils to start with. This gives the capacity for local industry to grow and from this education and health. Monopiles destroy this local capacity before it can get off the ground. Murder has become our solution to too many things. In agriculture, the monopoly’s solution is killing weeds, insects, and soil, rather than building an integrated environment for life. In health, its killing disease, rather than building sanitation and nutrition. In our developing nations, its killing babies rather than providing for their wellbeing. If monopiles weren’t taking all the excess profits, there would be enough for every life and more. Another big lie is that we are overpopulated. The reason we are losing forests today isn’t because of population, but because of industrial farming. We see this all around us. When soil is destroyed by artificial chemicals, more bush is cleared to get at good soil, until that dies too. Returning to holistic farming provides for all, while rebuilding forest and animal life. We have proven this in our own experience.

Holistic farming is the number one environment healer. Soil becomes more pervious to water. It absorbs water, meaning grasslands become resilient in drought. Healthy soils prevent erosion, and this prevents our waterways becoming spoiled. Fresh waterways are restored and poison from chemicals stops running off into the seas destroying sea life. Today, there is a growing shortage of freshwater. We are told it is because of too many people. It isn’t. It’s because of too many monopolies. We are told the answer to climate change is more new markets: this technology or that technology, to sell to farmers, or to consumers of electricity in cities. The United Nations and other global bodies like the World Economic Forum have become trade fairs for monopolies looking for new “green” markets. It’s shifting massive amounts of capital from one industry to another, in building the “new normal.” But the answer is rebuilding holistic farming, and this doesn’t cost anything. Its free. And this why we don’t hear about it. There is no opportunity for monopolists here, just for renewed community and health for democracy. What a pity, that things are being destroyed because we want more money, not because we don’t know what the true solutions are.

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