Genesis 11 – Babel Paganism and Redemption

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There are many researchers who could do a far better job of this Babel passage than I.  But I’ll have a go at a few comments. “All the people were of one language.” Why did this require divine intervention? In time, through natural dispersion, the people would have spread, and the languages would have evolved apart.

They built a tower to “reach to heaven and to make a name for themselves.” This seems to be an act to gain power over people, a dictatorship. Researchers relate this tower to ancient pagan worship, associated with child sacrifice. This would take root in the human cultures of the region until God showed Abraham that he didn’t accept child sacrifice. This was one of the first major ways in which the Hebrew people would transform pagan religious culture.

So it would seem that divine intervention was necessary to break up a totalitarian “global government” that was bent on the abuse of humanity.  Many of the ancient creation myths would have evolved from this time onwards, depicting humanity as slaves to the gods, and slaves for the ruling elite of the empire. This is exactly the kind of globalism that is being rebuilt today, as the elite move to take over all sectors, such as health, our personal data, food and farming, finance, movement, and control over where we live and work. This is all spelt out in detail in the Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 Davos programs. This is complete with early forms of satanism and child abuse among elite sectors today.

The good news is that God will act to stop such a form of globalism. Then it was easy: just change their languages and the people will not be able to stay in a unified group. Today, the propaganda and media keep us “speaking one language,” meaning mind and speech control. This keeps us unified in an ungodly, fascist way. But pagan empires always break up. Because of the abuse, people always end up splintering, breaking into factions, overcoming the speech control, and speaking their different languages. They push for freedom. The cohesion of such empires cannot endure. Freedom is the language the people will end up speaking and this will in the end prevail.

In recent decades, a culture of fascism has been taking over our societies, restricting us on what we are to believe and how we are to act.  In recent years it has to do with the definition of marriage, “climate emergency,” health care treatments and vaccines, and now Black Lives Matter, all to serve the interests of the elite. This is how Fascist (or Communist) governments take over societies. It’s textbook. Love for the environment and neighbour is to come from the heart, not from a dictatorship.

There is a kind of globalism that will in the end succeed. This is the reign of Christ. His empire is through service and self-giving, not through coercion, human abuse, or any form of totalitarianism. “See, a king will reign in righteousness and rulers will rule with justice. Each one will be like a shelter from the wind and a refuge from the storm, like streams of water in the desert and the shadow of a great rock in a thirsty land.” (Isaiah 32:1-2) Christ will reign from sea to sea, and to the ends of the earth.

Abram and Sarai

Abram was the 10th generation from Noah. He married Sarai, his half-sister: same father, different mother. In earlier years, marriages between closer relations weren’t frowned upon. This also shows the nearness in years between Abraham and the original humans, Adam and Eve. Genetic faults hadn’t yet accumulated within humanity to make closer marriages dangerous, in passing on genetic defects to their children. By the time of Moses, this was no longer the case, and such close marriages were forbidden. On the basis of the growing mutations in the human gene code, humanity would not last hundreds of thousands of years in the present natural system. Other taboos arose in society because of the damage certain behaviours brought to the community. This also deals with a question aften asked: “Who did Cain marry?” Adam and Eve “had many sons and daughters.” Cain had plenty of sisters.

When Abram’s father died, Abram took those in his care, including Lot (his nephew) and journeyed into Canaan, because of the call of God. The scriptures now move into the next stage of redemptive history: the selection of Abram, to nurture Israel as God’s main witness of salvation to the world. When you look at the wide span of history you see God isn’t in a hurry. Why did he wait 10 generations before calling someone like Abram? Maybe it’s something to do with the timing involved in positioning Israel in Canaan.

Even though Abram lived in an idolatrous community, he seems to have had some faith in the true God passed down through Noah. Maybe his marriage close to his family line was due to Abram not wanting to pollute his family with idolatrous values, and likewise for Sarai. Those who received faith through Noah would have known the Messianic prophesies to some extent and would have been expecting God to act redemptively in the world at some time.


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