Jubilee and Local Recovery of the Environment, Economies, Freedoms, Faith and Family Values: We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to see this happen, locally and globally, for all people.

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Jubilee is the biblical path to decentralisation that heals community and brings peace. Before the Exodus and law of Moses, Israel was subject to a centralised government, where all resources and power were brought to and controlled by the centre, for the purpose of sustaining the ruling dynasty in perpetuity. In Jubilee, resources are returned to the margins of society, from whence they were stolen, to heal the poor, and restore those who have experienced misfortune, whether or not by their own fault.  Jubilee also means that all families own their own land. Pharoah operated a central bank in which he owned the land and could therefore stipulate the price of labour. This is how the global economy operates today. Fair wages only exist in a world where labourers own their land, without mortgage, which happens when speculative funding is kept out of the land and housing markets. This is the primary means of building a broad middle class, raising populations out of poverty, reducing the gap between the very rich and very poor.

Over the years CFM has been involved in helping to restore and then to build permanent peace. This has taken us down a path of restoring relationships by serving the needs of the wounded and outcast on both sides of any dispute. This non-discriminatory care of orphans, widows and others hurt by conflict and economic loss builds social cohesion. It atones for the bitterness that comes from a sense of injustice and this gets satan (the accuser) out of our hearts, repairing the social disintegration.  But to build upon these initial steps towards peace, we must address the systemic factors that led the society towards conflict in the first place. This means the “Pharoah” of our time must be addressed. We need an Exodus that initiates a Jubilee, which means a return of political, environmental and economic justice to the local level.

The doctrine in recent decades is that to ovoid catastrophe, whether through poor resource management, environmental destruction, manipulated economic crises, terrorism, and now pandemic crises, determinism must be brought to central powers, where the “best brains” are and where “cooperative” controls/ solutions can be put in place. However, this centralising pathway abrogates the essential solution to handling, and even preventing, crises, including all of the crises mentioned above. The solution lies in the empowerment of local community with justice. The centralism being built in today’s world on the excuse of crises is building the kind of society we see in the movie Hunger Games, where the real goal is the enrichment and perpetuity of the strong, the survival of the fittest. Disempowering local communities always means they become dysfunctional in local management, further destroying their own environments, health, and finally, their human relationships. But when local communities are no longer being raped by centralised forces, they start to recover and build the resilience to better enable them to overcome future crises.

At CFM, we began to turn our attention towards the environment, after emergency peace efforts during years of terrorism were no longer required as the only focus. There is a very serious depletion in local flora and fauna. This began with the rise of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Farmers were promised ease and profitability through cash crops, which concentrates on crops for larger markets, and not biodiverse farming practices needed to sustain and build local markets, primary producing families and holistic environments. Grain becomes an investment commodity, not just one part of the cycle of local life. Chemicals replaced relationships, as farming became an individualistic enterprise. The chemicals have killed the biological life of the soils, resulting in deforestation and desertification in large regions. Once farmers become reliant on this system, it’s very hard to revert to holistic farming because the diversity needed has been killed off. A downward cycle into poverty takes over along with competition for the declining agricultural resources, significantly contributing to the conflict and levels of crime we see today.

The grip these global chemical companies have on the farming sector is dictatorial. They also move into genetically modified seed, meaning farmers are dependent on these companies for their seed each year. The chemicals are producing foods of low nutrition and contributing to cancer, diabetes and hypertension at high levels never before seen. Many studies have shown this to be so. Indian farmers were the first to be impoverished by these technologies, with the destruction of their sustainable farming practices that flourished for centuries. These companies have bribed their way through governments around the world and have fought for market control in one court case after another, to enforce their massive profits taken from global farming, while destroying environments, livelihoods and peace in region after region. CFM’s grain output rose by one hundredfold as soon as we reverted to natural techniques, and we are teaching this to others, to restore interethnic relationships in cooperative farming, preventing outside interests stealing the agricultural dollar from local communities. This is what has been achieved: rising profitability in farming; improving soils, contributing to environmental recovery; massively improved relationships – for the first time in 20 years a farming season without one interethnic murder over rural resources.

Meanwhile, the World Economic Forum is telling us all that the answer to environmental devastation is more central control, a dictatorship of lockdowns to reduce global emissions. Moving us to fake meat will further destroy our biodiversity, soil nutrition, soil ecosystems and biological carbon sequestration. These corporations are controlling our food and are working to control all markets. Those who sponsor the WEF are the same corporations and foundations that profit from the massive use of petrochemicals the world over. Without going into the nightmare dictates in the Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 programs of the WEF, the hypocrisy of these corporations is brutal. It is proven that soil restoration through natural biodiversity rebuilds flora and fauna in forests and deserts, while sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, more than any other possible solution, by far. Soil regeneration is the most essential need for the environment in our time, and yet it is ignored, apart from the usual lip service. These corporations even sponsor “scientific studies” to show the exploitive profits they are making through petrochemicals, and a whole range of other patented new technologies, are the “solution,” entrapping farming into expensive “remedies” that further deplete natural resources. This is a crime against the environment and against humanity. Like the genetically modified “super chickens” developed for Africa, which need special food and drugs to survive (which must be purchased from the Bill Gates et al. network), but die from epidemics, further impoverishing local farmers.

When Ruth and I came to Nigeria in 1986, there were industries throughout the nation. Many were owned by elderly men and women in our churches. Slowly we watched these industries all shut down, made nonviable by a deteriorating economy. The World Bank and International Monetary Fund undertook a deliberate policy of weighing developing nations down with large loans tied to the importation of certain goods or foreign businesses, undercutting local industries. When the nation couldn’t pay the interest on its loans, public facilities were privatised, sold off globally, and robbed of their assets, quickly becoming non-functional. Just like the famine in Pharoah’s day, “shrewd” management shifts the whole economy to new ownership. This hasn’t only happened in developing nations, but populations in developed nations have lost they livelihoods by the same methods. In Nigeria, the currency has been devastated, wiping out wages, savings and the pensions of millions of people. Billions of dollars have been stolen, through offshore accounts, set up by British and American companies for this purpose: to rape developing nations. Or the money has been stolen and laundered through global banks and recycled back in terrorism funding. The West still holds much of this dirty money in its banks and refuses to correct their corrupt banking regulations to reflect justice for the oppressed. This has left many millions of people in Nigeria without education, health, employment or a future. The impact of this deliberate stealing from the world’s local communities cannot be overstated. The world business community has pursued economic policies as far from Jubilee as possible.

The proportion of youth in Nigeria is the highest in the world, as well as Nigeria having the highest poverty rate in the world. These youth, with good reason to be embittered, but not understanding the part the global community plays in their situation, often resort to ethnic, political and religious disputes and violence to “fix” their plight. This huge youth population is a time bomb. A call to peace insists that the genuine grievances of this sector be successfully addressed. CFM has had wonderful results in calling youth from diverse backgrounds together in computer and vocational training, in which business skills and peace training workshops are also held. This has changed the landscape from violence to relationships and hope in every community we have served. However, how can we continue inspiring hope and love in the youth, if we don’t also take on the global beast that continues to take away their future? We have never thought that changing these global banks and corporations would be possible. Imagine banking that wasn’t centralised, under the control of a few, serving their own interests, but banking that was locally controlled, serving the interests of the local investment community. Sounds like heaven? The purpose of this article is to address the very possibility of change if we act together. We believe that we have a once in a generation opportunity to address the corruption, since it has grown so large that it is now visible to all.

When the lockdown crisis from Covid hit in 2020 we saw all the same players at the helm. The WEF, agricultural and pharmaceutical companies, corporate charity foundations, with the media and research they sponsor, are all in lockstep. The devastating economic effects of lockdown are part of the script on the WEF’s website for the implementation of the Great Reset, which is a social and economic totalitarian revolution. The way monopolies always work is that short term losses from economic crises are more than offset, with super profits from longer-term market strategy. The falsification of studies against hydroxychloroquine is public, but still officially ignored, along with the efficacy of ivermectin and budesonide (early treatment drugs) against Covid. The relegation of the immune system and herd immunity (nature’s best long-term defence) and instead employing masks and continuous unconstitutional lockdowns, is shown to be more harmful than good. There is official evidence of the virus being leaked from Wuhan. The extent to which this leak was deliberate is yet to be determined, although patents, economic, political and propaganda response plans were all prepared in advance in great detail. To a reasonable person, the planned nature of this pandemic is difficult to deny.

Vaccines are being used without being properly tested. Valid scientific papers raise serious concerns but are met with censorship instead of free public debate. This is being dictated by an industry which is dominated by major operators who have been proven in court, repeatedly, to be felons, yet they make and share with affiliates hundreds of billions of dollars in profits. This amounts to crimes against humanity. Yet this is nothing compared to the genetic and digital patented human modifications Gavi and the Gates Foundation admit having in plan.  Massive scale vaccination during a pandemic raises great concern among experts, yet it is being enforced through coercion, against international law and the right of choice in health. Married to this is public surveillance and a total loss in privacy of data, without right of peaceful protest, aligning us with Communist nations. The monopolisation of health began with Rockefeller’s “philanthropy” 100 years ago. From the ridicule and banning of effective natural remedies, to doctors being suspended for healing patients with drugs unapproved by big pharma, while great numbers of patients are left to die, many crimes will soon come to prosecution. The “Covid-crisis” has extended global control over economies like Nigeria, banning its natural remedies (like Artemisia annua, shown to be the best agent against malaria and used effectively against Covid, yet banned by the World Health Organisation), killing off Nigeria’s local health industries, and exercising an economic colonialism, while hypocritically the same foundations covertly sponsor violent “Black Lives Matter” protests, to gain further political and economic control.

This is a mafia operation. I have heard a lot about paedophilia and the involvement of the elite, and the Jeffrey Epstein case affirms this. A documentary was made by the Discovery Channel in the 1990’s about the American mafia, which took control of Omaha, when Lawrence King was being tried for embezzling $40 million. The documentary was stopped from going to air at the last minute but can be seen on YouTube still. Lawrence also ran a sex trafficking ring, that involved top officials in Omaha and Washington, during the time of Vice President Bush.  The FBI stepped in and covered up the whole investigation. Innocent people were imprisoned, threatened and at least two died in an “accident.”  The details of this documentary match exactly with what I hear is happening today, but today it is on a much larger scale.  Of all the crimes being discussed in this article, this one might be the worst, since it is about the suffering and death of many children. But child sex trafficking is so “necessary” when high crimes are being committed – I mean high financial crimes.

In an interview with Katherine Griggs, the wife of a very highly placed military officer, shares for eight hours about military and government-run money laundering, drug and weapons trafficking throughout the world, linked in with sex crime, paedophilia, and with countless assassinations of whistle-blowers. Victims of these drug cartels tell of global secret societies at their helm. The paedophilia and other perversions are aimed at compromising those involved, making sure they cannot become whistle-blowers. Those who are so compromised are allowed to rise to the top in their field. This is how public “servants” who earn average incomes become multi-millionaires. The Epstein case reveals an intricate relationship between Washington, Wall Street, Hollywood, global money laundering, offshore accounts, some “philanthropic” foundations and big business today. I call the crimes mentioned throughout this article a part of a mafia operation because they are all linked together in a ring, with paedophilia (and possibly even worse crimes against children) at the centre as a kind of ritual of cohesion and an enforcement of loyalty to the group.

The mafia infiltrated American society more broadly back in the days of the alcohol prohibition. By the time of President Kennedy, it had a large influence on many offices. Kennedy saw this in his presidency and was perplexed on how to defeat it, but he was determined to face it down. With such levels of financial corruption, even more greatly pervading global institutions today, credible people claim publicly to have evidence of some of the highest officials in America now compromised by this mafia ring. People saying such things are highly placed professionals and hope to be sued so they can table all the evidence in court. In our current day, many truth tellers are found dead. There is no reasonable doubt that much is being covered up. This institutional corruption is the greatest pandemic we are facing, and not the Covid pandemic. This corruption is killing far more people and is the reason why the Covid pandemic is taking a greater toll than it needs, and why powerful forces are manipulating it to the harm of many people.

I have never supported Trump. However, it is time now to look briefly at the 2020 American presidential election. Those who have association with the Dominion election machines include some of the same players with their “charitable foundations” mentioned all the way through this article. Some have sponsored regime change in other nations and are now banned from those nations. Apart from all the other irregularities in the American elections, where it has been alleged that these had a considerable impact on the result, the impact of the Dominion machines is said to have been conclusive, with several other nations, including China, participating in the election fix. That is, those highly placed attorneys and military officers who claim to be privy to the information, claim that authorities traced the election corruption during election week and recorded the details on what took place. There have been several attempts to get courts to look at the evidence, but so far none have, citing technicalities. But attempts are still being made to get the evidence in front of the court. It is being claimed by people I believe are credible that much more evidence is at hand, and this will in the end come before courts to be heard.

I would have given no attention to allegations of election fraud unless I had heard the truth about Russia Gate, and about the Ukraine accusations, over which Trump was impeached without a tabling of the evidence, evidence that would have been damming to corrupt politicians in both parties. In the Russia Gate fiasco, leading officials in Washington perjured themselves and falsely imprisoned General Michael Flynn. Attorney Sidney Powell became involved, dug up the truth which the intelligence agencies had covered over and had Flynn exonerated and released. This outcome has set the ball rolling that will reveal the election fraud also. The truth, as always, takes time to come out. Lies travel around the world a dozen times before people learn the truth. Flynn is active today, speaking about the extent of the corruption in Washington. In the Ukraine impeachment, allegations against Trump were false and the crimes belong to others, as Hunter Biden’s laptop showed. This was known and covered up by the FBI well before the impeachment. This showed the corruption of the media and officials in Washington, who lied constantly about Trump’s involvement in these affairs. Therefore, when Sidney Powell leads the exposure of widescale election fraud it’s worth listening. Her work, both in the Flynn case an in the election case, will be history changing.

This election fraud could be a catalyst for much of the corruption discussed throughout this article being exposed. Questions will have to be answered about the sources of funds which sponsored the fraud, and why officials in government, law enforcement and courts took no action against it. If the level of corruption in this election is finally revealed through the courts, it will have a domino effect. It could be key to massive changes, changes that just a year ago could not have been imagined. The gangsters have overplayed their hand. This could mean we are at the crest of the corruption, and from here on we can expect exposure and major corrections. There has been so much coordinated corruption in the election, that to overturn the result through the courts would lead to arrests and convictions in many different public and corporate offices. These proceedings would bring to the open other fields in which the corrupt players operate, especially when questions are asked about how officials were compromised who didn’t follow the law. The election fraud has been widely covered up by lying in the mainstream media and by major social media networks and this will also come out in the open. If all this evidence comes before the court in the public arena, there will be consequences.

I have no way of knowing if this evidence will be formally heard in court, or if any other possibility of rectifying the situation exists. Some states in America are moving against the centralism of the Washington government. Others claim the military will get involved to restore the vote. Victory is clearly needed here, because if America folds over into a global cabal and global government it is clear the rest of the world will follow. I respect people like Sidney Powell, Michael Flynn and Attorney Lin Wood. They are still hoping for victory. False news is constantly put out about them. They are “hated by all men.” They stand against incredible levels of persecution and harassments of all kinds. They have nothing personal to gain for what they are doing, but have lost a lot, while many others are being greatly enriched. I have to respect them for this. There is so much I don’t know, but below I restate a possible chain of events others have proposed, that could unfold if the matter of election fraud did “have its day in court.”

The fraudsters won’t be in court only because of the election. That will just be the start. Many of these same players are also involved in the global mafia ring for child sex trafficking, money laundering, drug trafficking crimes, as well as those receiving treasonable bribes (large corporate gifts) from foreign powers to rig democratic and lawful processes at home. Why does the Taliban exist? Because of the profit it gets from the drug trade. Who runs the international drug trade from nations like this? In large part, the American military. And its foot soldiers are sacrificed in the process. Who runs the large part of global money laundering? American and British banking, military, illegal weapons traffickers, those who traffic humans, and spy agencies. When this evidence is tabled it will expose the silencing of these crimes by the “three letter agencies” (CIA, FBI, DOJ, NSA, MI5, MI6) and by certain congress and parliament members. This election fraud is so large that a full legal hearing could bring out all these connected factors. Just think of the implications. It would stop most of the American meddling and wars in other nations, allegedly against terrorism, but really for the profits of the operators. What a global change that would be!

The role of private funds in the American election process would come to centre stage. This would highlight the offshore accounts, anonymous banking, disguised political charitable foundations, regime interference in many nations (including now America), the economic raping of the developing nations, the stealing of trillions of dollars through Wall Street, the stealing of trillions more through printed money in times of crises (which the poor pay back in “austerity”), and the inflation in housing markets caused by fake money. The role of the Federal Reserve would come out, in its acting in the interests of its elite owners, and not in the interests of the people. This central bank, as well as central banks the world over, act in the interests of the global market owners, not in the interests of local nations and its local communities. This has a real chance of being ended. Banking could be wonderfully reorganised: decentralised. The stolen money in offshore accounts and in Western banks could then be used to pay off international debt, freeing billions of people around the world. Pipe dreams? Maybe, but influential people are already talking about this. This is Jubilee, and we are told to work for its implementation, whether we think it a pipe dream or not.

An exposure and restructuring of banking would be a main factor in turning around the relentless march towards global governmental centralism, which is a totalitarian state that is destroying millions of lives and also our farming land around the world. God made mankind and caring local families to oversee soil and nature, not largescale agricultural corporations. The exposure of massive scale election fraud will also expose the power of monopolies to control the politics and narrative in America and many other nations. If this isn’t exposed, then election corruption will be rolled out globally through digital election machines. We are at a crossroads between central authoritarianism, or tracing our way back to local democratic rule, while we still have the chance. We are the ones to decide. The exposure of election fraud would revive calls for the breakup of monopolies, according to laws which have been swept aside through bribery in past decades. The breakup of monopolies, including the large grocery stores, will greatly strengthen local democracy and local primary-producer families, restoring local environment, industry and employment. This local democracy and thriving of family are the forgotten aims of Western constitutions. The family is the backbone of the environment and also of the local middle class, which stabilizes our economies. We have the chance now to return towards decentralised communities, not nationalism, but restoring local wholeness, and reaching out to help other nations and localities to restore, rather than to dominate them.

The exposure of massive levels of paedophilia and child sex trafficking would be such a shock to the world (given the hidden nature of these crimes for so long) that it would bring a major global revival in traditional family values, for the care and wellbeing of children. The restoration of family values, which have been mocked and relegated for so long (exposing children to harm and to the global sex trade) is one of the greatest needs of our modern civilizations. We have sought the same selfishness as the modern corporation, indulging in what we want for ourselves, not in what is good for our families. We have lost traditional family life, which is so essential for a society to keep people from sinking into the pits of despair dug by individualism.

The exposure of election fraud and the fraud within America’s congress would also bring to light the bribery that fills its corridors with lobbyist funding. This is a primary source of corruption in the world, but we have not had the opportunity to stop it: lobbying by foreign states, through which funding to those states recycles in the bribery of congressional members: the lobbyists from the weapons industry, heavily promoting perpetual war: the lobbyists from the technocrats and their patent monopolies: the lobbyists in oil and other industries which cover their crimes and stop competition: and the lobbyists of the pharmaceutical industry, which spends more on buying politicians to support corrupt laws they want passed, than any other industry in the world. Just think what would happen if this massive corruption in the political process was stopped! In communications we would have freedom of speech. Monopoly would end in the pharmaceutical industry. Health research across a wide range of sectors would be promoted: hospitals and medical practitioners would not be controlled by big pharma; marginalised developing nations would collaborate and contribute to health research: and traditional herbal treatments that are cheap would undergo research and deployment. We would have choice and safety regulations, without closing down competition. The massive extortionate profits of the former monopolies would be gone, billions of people would be able to afford health care and technology, and many new treatments would become available. Our global health would be completely transformed. All this is currently being prevented, mainly by the corruption in Washington and other government hubs. But this too could soon change.

A revelation of the election fraud would also stop the relentless march towards the new world order, the centralised dictatorship that is being pushed by the largest corporations through their takeover of the United Nations and other global public bodies. Public knowledge of the groups and finances behind the election fraud will show that these are the same players that are manipulating the global takeover of human rights and freedom, buying and controlling local “democracies” throughout the entire world. These global bodies are good, as public bodies, run by our own elected governments, but these bodies have been taken over by private businesses and banks that are not democratically accountable, and then private interests through corruption and their sheer economic size, circumvent the democratic processes at home and force through their agenda. We have seen this in acute detail throughout the “Covid crisis.” Global cooperative bodies like the United Nations are good, when they follow biblical principles of mutual caring, but they are diabolical when given power to force their agenda upon regions and nations. We are to cooperate as sovereign local regions with human rights fully intact, never with agendas of global bodies enforced upon the world as a dictatorship, as is the case today. Nations must learn to cooperate with dignity, respect and sincerity, to see necessary changes on a global level, never through force, economic coercion, fear, lies, manipulation of “crises,” or with pretended gentleness which is covering a real agenda of controlling global patents and brutally forcing them upon our lives.  We will be in massive trouble if this dictatorship isn’t stopped now.

Moving to expose and overthrow this election fraud, even to support the fraud exposure as non-Americans, doesn’t mean we support Trump. This is our problem when we throw our support behind this person, or that party, thinking they will fix things for us. Our concern is about good policies, and we need to know what these good policies are and work for their implementation, not leave it to someone else to do it for us. The above corruption has taken over our world in recent decades because we haven’t done anything about it, because we personally don’t get involved. Democracy calls for our involvement, not just to vote and then hand it all over to someone else to take care of everything. No person and no leader is “that good”, or “that able” to put things together. Democracy and freedom take the involvement of us all. Our decadency has been our undoing, our hedonistic lifestyles, in which life is lived in “the pursuit of happiness,” which we take to mean enjoying ourselves. We get caught up in our personal lives and leave the freedoms that were won for us by the imprisonment of our forefathers and mothers who conscientiously dissented the tyranny of their day on our behalf. We have the solemn duty of passing this same freedom and responsibility to our grandchildren, and this will of necessity involve our self-sacrifice and suffering so that others may benefit. This is the very meaning of the cross and we cannot call ourselves Christians if this isn’t the meaning of our own lives. Even if we do recover from this present situation, we had better be warned by it.

The idea that the West is finished and is waning is not true unless that is the case with our lives. But if we stop being weak by thinking only of ourselves, then the West has a stronger future than ever before. This future isn’t only for the West but for all nations, if good people get involved. Evil only thrives when good people do nothing about it. Likewise, the idea that as Christians we should not be involved, because this world lies in darkness and light won’t come until the resurrection at the end, is also false. The idea that God’s kingdom is not of this world and so we should not be involved isn’t true. The early church was involved, through their apologetics, and apologetics is necessary today, speaking truth to power. Jesus spoke truth to power, and he suffered for it. The last chapters of the Gospels are full of this truth, boldly spoken in the week before his crucifixion. This is our calling, but a calling that we don’t naturally want. Following Christ means leaving the world in better shape, like Christ did in giving himself for us all.

Let’s summarise some of the good policies that may begin to unfold:

  1. A move against illegal trafficking and money laundering that would have a significant impact in ending many conflicts around the world.
  2. A move against financial crimes, the elimination of offshore and anonymous banking, and the decentralisation of global banks, resulting in the repayment of global debts from stolen monies, bringing Jubilee to nations and economic recovery to the world. This, not the Great Reset, is the basis for economic recovery.
  3. The collapse of global and national monopolies, allowing small businesses, families and the middle class to recover and broaden, again, as the basis of global economic recovery.
  4. The rebuilding of rural, local communities by the decentralisation of political and economic power to those regions, restoring families, health and the environment. This gives our nations resilience against crises.
  5. The exposure of paedophilia, the ending of child sex trafficking, and the resulting return to our nations of family values, as the basis of recovery of our local communities, health and general wellbeing.
  6. The ending of congressional lobbying, the return of fair elections, business and international relations, not based on monetary rewards. One result would be the complete transformation of the global pharmaceutical industry, bringing health justice to billions of people.
  7. The prevention of global powers enforcing their will on nations through public service bodies, like the United Nations, but instead nations cooperating in respect without coercion and domination.

These points are not merely pipe dreams. Each one of these points has been discussed by highly placed professionals and officials as real possibilities for our future, arising from the present global predicament. Whether or not these may arise soon in a response to current levels of global corruption, they show us some of the policies that matter and that we should be working towards. I am personally convinced that these policies reflect biblical truth on the way our communities, the environment, the creation as a whole and our economies are to all prosper in wholeness. The point here is that the programmes of the World Economic Forum for community and economic recovery are the exact opposite to what is needed. The WEF must be absolutely resisted, because if it isn’t it will be seriously detrimental to our future. The goals of the WEF are entirely self-serving.  Unless we become involved, they will be enforced upon us. The above points show areas we must work towards. The purpose of today’s Cancel Culture is to make us afraid and quiet about these things, so the fraud can be pushed through. We must destroy totalitarian Cancel Culture, to serve each other in love and acceptance, as one people from all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. That’s the church. The church creates freedom through community that overcomes totalitarianism, if we serve all others, as the true church.

Finally, and if we step up, recent events are moving us towards the greatest global Christian revival in history. Partly, because this is God’s program, an ever-increasing impact of his gospel renewing the nations, since the book of Acts until today and into the future. And also, because Christians, by God’s grace, have the solutions to the world’s greed and brutality. If we get involved, this revival is the most likely outcome of all, especially given the backdrop of darkness that is now being revealed on the global stage. The earth is the Lord’s. It belongs to him. No one, or no group, takes it from him. We have two options, neo-pagan destruction, or the faith of God that renews our hearts and relationships. Massive numbers of people shall be choosing the second option, as we see the emptiness and deception of the promises of the technocrats and elite, their gadgets/ entertainment, and return to find real life. This option is the only option that leads to life, for the creation/ environment, for our communities, for our families and for our own futures as individuals.

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