Qanon, A Guilty Social Misfit Group, to be Hunted Down?

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Recently a program called 60 Minutes viewed in Australia to scrap the Qanon movement. This movement alleges that the recent American presidential election was corrupt, and that the military is preparing to step in to restore constitutional and democratic rule. 60 Minutes was once a legitimate investigative journalism program but some time ago it capitulated to the pressure of the powers to hide the truth. Clear documentaries about this capitulation have been aired.

This recent 60 Minutes program is part of a concerted mainstream media effort to belittle any person who questions their narrative. Without a review of evidence about any important question, the emotional allegation of this recent program was that Qanon and those who advocate it are guilty of dividing households and relationships throughout our societies. This is a common accusation against people of faith. In America they accuse such people of being “domestic terrorists,” while Antifa continues to burn public and private facilities. Every Qanon commentator I have heard urges a response of peace and Trump’s second impeachment over the march on the capital on January 6th was another sham without any trial of the evidence whatsoever. I am not here to make a case against Antifa but to point out the clear media hypocrisy, as it scurries to support big business corruption against the small person. If the media didn’t oblige the corporations, it would lose immense advertisement revenue and would not be able to air.

But the issue that divides our families and societies is injustice and the lying in which the media is deeply complicit. If the experts who disagreed with the narrative of big tech and big pharma (the number of these experts is growing every day) were not censored, and if the powerful didn’t have vested personal interests in the narrative they enforce, then social division would be less likely to emerge. Public, open and comprehensive trials of the evidence on matters of important dispute would go a long way to restoring peace, but these kinds of trials are a thing of the past. Bodies appointed to review matters are routinely compromised. It is greed and corruption that divides our society. This is what Jesus said would divide. When his disciples rejected the false narrative of Rome and Jerusalem (which kept the poor subjugated) and embraced healing fellowship with the economic and racial outcasts, this caused a great division with those whose personal interests were at stake.

The Qanon movement attracts a lot of people with a variety of backgrounds and ideas. These come to the table with divergent views on many matters. Due to its anonymity, we don’t even know the extent to which Qanon may be a false movement to discredit dissenters of the “mainstream” narrative. Populism though is a growing body today and isn’t just aligned with right or left anymore, as the media might suggest in its role as “divider in chief.” I don’t know if the military is as corrupt as other institutions of American society, or if it is instead planning to ensure electoral integrity. I don’t even know what the consequences of its involvement at a significant level would be. But I am very much aware of the treason of America’s business and banking oligarchs, as seen in their attempted Fascist coup in America in 1934, just as one example. Oligarchs have no loyalty to a nation, but only to their bottom line. This kind of corporation came into being in America through Rothschild’s investment in Carnegie, J P Morgan and Rockefeller. The way such corporations function is to ensure their monopoly, and this continues today.

As for election fraud, with “enemies foreign and domestic” involved, there is no genuine doubt. I never supported Trump. I support good policies. Any “revolutionary” movement, even against such clear corruption as we see today, can have unforeseen consequences: see the French Revolution. We live in conspiratorial times, with the control of hundreds of trillions of dollars at stake. I watched quietly for years as the “left” tried to destroy Trump. I say “left” because the left is no longer genuine left. It is now a Communist coup in America. Big “C” Communism, by which I mean a political, social and antihuman dictatorship, not a voluntary discussion about elements of economic justice. There is an alignment of the largest corporate interests with Communism to increase global control, which is far more Fascist in flavour than Trump’s term in office.[1] It’s hard to discern now between Communism and Fascism. So let’s just call it totalitarianism. There is a radical Marxist ideology released in society (like the frogs of bitterness being spewed off the tongue, Rev 16:3) that promotes hatred for God, family and parents, to destabilise nations. I watched quietly for four years while the Democrats came first with Russia Gate and then the Ukraine fiasco against Trump, while in the process the Democrats were the ones who committed the crimes, covered up at the highest level by America’s intelligence agencies, and even by representatives of the Republican Party. It’s impossible to deny this involves wide levels of bribery, blackmail and crimes in other matters, as the Jeffery Epstein case is only just beginning to reveal.

Central to exposing the corruption in the Russia Gate falsehood was Attorney Sidney Powell. Everything she said about the case proved to be true, while she overturned false imprisonments and in court revealed the real high crimes (about which justice is still pending). So when these same corrupt players say there was no corruption in the election and Sidney Powell (one of the best in her field in the world) says there was immense corruption, and she tables all the evidence, then the matter of who to believe couldn’t be clearer. Likewise with Lin Wood, possibly the most successful libel attorney in the nation. When he speaks openly about election corruption and paedophilia at the highest official levels (naming names) and isn’t sued, then it is shear betrayal for the media to silence such a voice and intimidate and belittle those who want to know the truth. The media in such cases is clearly standing for the strong and corrupt against the weak and defenceless, exactly opposite to their appropriate role in society. Even primetime comedians are paid by corporations to ridicule dissenters.

Democracy is clearly at stake now for all nations. This is a crisis far larger than the so called Covid crisis. This crisis may take centuries to recover from. The beast that has arisen in our time to devour all is the modern corporation, now with almost incontestable power in the world. We gave this power to the beast for the promise of our personal prosperity. When we saw this beast devour those of other nations, we thought we were safe. But this beast recognises no nation and is now turning its power against all. A friend recalled the time when Israel signed a contract for a king, against the warnings of Samuel. They thought the times of crisis called for it. But once such a contract is signed, it cannot be unsigned. We must not sign such a contract with the World Economic Forum to become our king. If we instead refuse to abide by the beast’s social and economic dictates, through its private and public representatives, through its corruption and propaganda, then its power will soon vaporize. If we want to recover, we must take responsibility for faith, democracy, for truth finding and for rebuilding family, health, economy and environment at our local level, and not outsource our freedoms to others.

This rise in the power of the corporation in our time should be very concerning.  From the rugby player in Australia, Israel Folau, who wasn’t allowed to speak his own mind in public, to other sports personalities who must give the Black Lives Matter salute to play a game, shows how much a dictator the corporation has become. We are no longer private persons but are owned by the corporation. Most professional people live in this kind of world today. Our thoughts, opinions and public representations all must align with what we are told, even in our own social lives, in matters that have nothing to do with the corporation’s activities. We allow them to own us, even our souls (thought life.) The corporation won’t allow us to share faith within its “hallowed confines,” and in Amazon monitors our time down to the second. The corporation is the faith. Now they have taken away our rights further, by enforcing us to have vaccines. This is Fascism, pure and simple. The obvious question is, where is this taking us, and if you look at some corporations’ record for slavery and murder you see we are being taken into a world where humanity isn’t said to be made in the image of God but is the property of the corporation. These corporations make the most money in a transhumanist world of inhumanity, where their patents and rules will apply. A government that is free from religion is taken over by the corporation.  We need to speak out about such things. We already have common law for these matters: we should do no harm to others. The corporation pretends to care for minorities, but it doesn’t even abide by this simple common law.

Peace works by love and kindness, not by dictatorship. Avant-Garde For Peaceful Living is a ministry of CFM. Our aim isn’t self-interested profit but peace and this is why it works.  We are to heal relationships by overcoming evil with good, by serving each other, by living out the gospel of reconciliation in witness. As the Good Samaritan, we build bridges and one table of care across all racial and faith boarders, treating all around us as neighbours, not as players in geo-political, identity divisions. We don’t have to hate anyone, not even our enemies, and also not even Israel Folau.

The 60 Minutes video also suggested that people who believe in an elite involvement in paedophilia are deranged. The grooming of children for sex trafficking is harming huge numbers of children in all parts of the globe and destabilizing all our societies. The lockdowns have also greatly increased the vulnerability of children to sex trafficking, depression and suicide. (See Jaco Booyens speak.) Agencies involved in enforcing sex education for very young children and priming them for large scale abuse are the WHO, UNESCO and Planned Parenthood, agencies sponsored by leading corporate foundations. The purpose of transgenderism is to abolish the age of sexual consent to expand the horizons of “legal paedophilia” as “consensual love.” Sex-trafficking is now one of the largest money laundering industries in the world, heavily pushed by mafia interests in large corporations.

As for the lockdowns, Gerrt Vanden Bossche, expert vaccine developer with Gavi, WHO and the Gates Foundation, claims they are the wrong and dangerous approach for tackling a virus, while the vulnerable were not protected. He also said large scale implementation of the vaccine will have catastrophic consequences. See an update here. People who object to the Covid vaccine aren’t necessarily antivaxxers, but object to a private sector, unaccountable enforcement upon our lives, which is illegal under international law. When Robert F Kennedy Jr. backs all his reports with government and scientific publications, with an honest, non-profit record for curtailing corporate environmental and human abuse, and is vilified by the media and pharma, then we have a public welfare problem. It has been known for decades that the prime movers in lifting modern global health have been nutrition and sanitation, not vaccines, antibiotics or surgery. At CFM in our farming, since abandoning vaccine and antibiotics dependency in pig farming, instead raising pigs in natural conditions, we have a much cheaper and healthier operation. Since using water from our fish farm to irrigate our orchards, our trees are now disease and insect-plague free, without buying poisons from Gates. Rebuilding natural defences, ecosystem, biodiversity, is the obvious way. The technocrats don’t know better, their main aim is monopoly, to destroy competition, which ultimately means us and our families.

It is clear, and not a conspiracy theory, that “remedies” pushed by corporate interests are not democratic and not in the interests of the public and expose especially the weak to abuse. We cannot allow these things to remain unchallenged. The future of our civilizations is at stake. Even for impoverished agriculture, desertification and deforestation (and even climate, if you like), local violence, broken rural communities and families, the answer lies in rebuilding soils through the regeneration of natural ecosystem and locally owned primary markets (not in depopulation, which corporate foundations are vigorously pursuing), but corporations make no money from this and their lobby groups embedded with government and sponsored “research” frustrate it. This corruption must end. Turning around centralised power, to decentralise and build people led communities at local levels is essential to bring our needed solutions. In Nigeria, this global centralisation is the main reason for local deprivation and violence. If anyone thinks this article extreme, then the sufferings of hundreds of millions of people in nations like Nigeria show the extent of the crimes of the global corporation. Empathy demands our attention.

One concern of members of Qanon, and one that resonates with us, is the mafia styled corruption that has taken over the global economy. Naked short selling on the Wall Street stock exchange accounts for hundreds of trillions in stolen dollars. Money laundering and funds stolen from “developing nations” funnelled into offshore shell companies accounts for trillions more. Printing money during crises has also stolen trillions from the poor and funnelled it to the rich. These are just a few of the ways the whole system is corrupted, not including the constant bribing among politicians and public agencies the world over. The Hunter Biden issue is just one example of the massive scale, but the media won’t countenance it. This is putting the entire world economy at risk of collapse, but alas, the World Economic Forum will blame it on Covid and “come to the rescue” with the totalitarian Great Reset. Small and family businesses globally are being forced into closure, as the largest corporations are expanding. This is very bad for us all. If Qanon wishes to wake us up here (awake enough to act) then it is providing society a very needed service, rather than being a misfit. It is missing the truth to claim that Qanon members are dividing society when they are concerned about the corrupt corporate sector now dominating health, education, banking, agriculture, media and the global political and justice processes.

It is the intimidation, the Fascism in media and culture, that is dividing our society, not people who naturally like to share their thoughts with one another. And by the time they roll out the 5G network and the Internet of Things, we will be history. The corporation will own all our information and use it to control us, as they are doing now with the Covid vaccine. This isn’t a conspiracy theory. It’s just the nature of the beast and it cannot be denied. And since search engines like Google have corrupt algorithms and “fact-checkers,” information, one of those things essential to democracy, is being denied. Traditionally, I am against conservatism when it protects the interests of the powerful, but that is why I am for conservatism when it exposes corruption and protects the interests of the weak.

1 This doesn’t mean we will be free from the threat of war with China if our oligarchies are more aligned. The military industrial sector still wants its pound of economic flesh. American oligarchies invested heavily in Germany before and even during WWII. They helped Hitler rise to power. War is not a problem to the oligarchies but in the end, even aligns markets much more under their influence.

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