The irony of placing our hope in technology

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Men in white coats, Silicon Valley startups, the next billionaire and monopoly, new gadgets to solve our problems: our hope for a better tomorrow. Science has been bought out by business and it tells us what they want us to hear and believe. They dress in white like the priests of old, sacrificing the poor to the gods to improve their own future: the “new” religion. Paganism is rife again.

All the while child sex trafficking is going on at plague proportions, barely noticed by the news media that heralds technological solutions to the planet’s ills. And the same elite, the global money launderers, are up to their necks in this child sacrifice.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), we are told, will be our deliverance. If our own intelligence has failed, then it’s surely worth a try! But along with this science comes transhumanism, the integration of technology with the human; digital gel implants, neuro-links, RNA genetic alterations, superhumans, just for starters. Humans, redesigned like GMO crops in farming, for a “better tomorrow.” They claim this is for our “health and safety.” The imprisoning of humanity; the replacement of humanity with obedient robots: the culling of humanity.

“The planet is warming! Quick, we need to kill all our animals that are creating carbon dioxide. Here, have some synthetic “meat,” it tastes great! These animals should never have been ‘created’ in the first place. We are at the peak of the evolutionary process, getting rid of the past ‘creational mistakes,’ moving to a sustainable future through altering nature. We are the new gods of creation.”

Synthetic food goes with our synthetic health, achieved through an ever-expanding regime of new vaccines. Not natural cures to our brokenness, but synthetic ones, that give more profits and more control to the monopolies. “We can patent these. They increase our god-ness, our elite-ness, our monopolies. This cycle will make everyone sicker, giving our monopolies new opportunities to bring expensive solutions and make more profits. We have chemical poisons for farming and medicinal poisons for cancer, while making profits at both ends. Perfect!”

“Terrorism? No problem, we have the answer. Surveillance! Biothreats and pandemics? No problem, we have the answer. Further restrictions on freedom, closure of small businesses, growth of monopolies for our good, vaccine certificates, digital ID’s, and health surveillance.” We give up democracy because we won’t “love our enemies” and cure our ecosystems. Total madness, that is brain washed, propagandised, Joseph Goebbels’s territory.

“A meteorite will destroy the world.” What’s the chance? One in one billion? “We better hurry. Space travel. Watch the science fiction movies. They show us the way. A smart future will save us.” A few people escape, the poor are destroyed, the environment ruined, nature destroyed, no oxygen, no good food, no families, no animals, inhabiting a barren planet in outer space! Further synthetic, technological “solutions” because we refuse sabbath, which is our God given hope.

“Don’t think. Believe the priests! 5G internet network! Great, faster movie downloads, better lives, better health services for the rich, driverless cars. Wow let’s go for it! Let’s all take the drug and the better gadgets, cheaper products, better lives, more fake life. Just identify ourselves as ‘consumers,’ not humans and let the monopolies think for us and lead the way into ‘life.’” More surveillance, less freedom, more of our lives owned by big business. 5G is not for us, it’s for them.

The solutions of the rich to the world’s problems! Their “solutions” are our destruction. It’s the exact same story as we see in the Old Testament. The gods of their pagan creation myths enslaved and destroyed the troublesome masses of humanity. Their answers were in sacrificing the poor. Their answers were in oppressive economics, the exploitation of nature, higher yields, greater productivity, wider margins, more centralism of ownership, and war. Their solutions were not in building family, restoring relationships, shrinking the gap between rich and poor.

“Care for the widows and orphans,” the Prophets shouted from the rooftops, only to be censored, fired, slandered, locked up, and killed. The answer is simple and right before our eyes. No technology required. The Old Testament didn’t put technology first, but justice. Justice heals our relationships and our ecosystems and stops the plagues. But we wouldn’t listen, and we still don’t. We think we know better.

“Sabbath” is God’s answer. Simple, cheap, within our reach here and now. Sabbath means restoring the soil, the land and this restores the animals, the atmosphere, and our health. Restore the poor and this delivers us from terrorism. And this gives us freedom. It requires no autocratic government to enforce. Return the trillions in stolen money. Return the nations we have destroyed to the displaced people. Return the inheritance to those from whom it has been taken: jubilee. It just requires a new heart, to stop putting ourselves ahead of others: to share, to build together, and not to monopolise.

Restore the weak and we restore the world. What is the chance of a meteorite destroying the planet? Minuscule. What is the chance of injustice destroying our planet? Highly likely. It is already happening. It isn’t the science fiction that gives us the answers, but Jesus and the Prophets. Balance: not one culture of scientific advancement taking over all other values. Technology serves our values, it must not eclipse them, or it will make us it’s slaves and then destroy us.

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