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One reason why some people reject the United Nations is because of its position on the modern state of Israel. It seems that the United Nations acknowledges both Israel’s need for a peaceful homeland and also the need of the Palestinian population for the same, and for both groups to share the land peacefully.

It seems the United Nations does not take the position that some churches take, that Israel has full biblical rights to the land, without rights also being granted to the Palestinians. For some Christians this is a sticking point, believing Israel has non-negotiable, full rights.

It is my understanding that the position of Jesus on these matters is that Promised Land is fulfilled by neighbourliness, that is, but neither party enforcing its rights upon others, but instead by our foot-washing service. This is what Jesus taught about how the land, any land, receives God’s blessing and becomes God’s kingdom on earth.

All of the teachings of Jesus were about our care towards others, not based on their ethnicity, but on their humanity. He said this is the kingdom of God. Israel, at his time, believed that the kingdom would come by their political or military domination of their enemies. They were very wrong about this matter back then, and this view is still wrong today.

This wrong view of the kingdom was also wrong when the church believed that its military power under Western governments would fulfil God’s purposes in the world. God’s kingdom is not of this world, whether we are talking about land or our conflicts with other people.

God’s kingdom is our sharing forgiveness and care with others. That is how land is filled with his blessing.

God came in Christ to fulfil his promises to Israel through the cross and resurrection, making our land new by making our hearts new towards others. Rejecting this is rejecting the gospel. This is not replacing Israel with new promises but fulfilling Israel’s desires through giving them love for their neighbour. This is their only deliverance from their enemies, and our only deliverance also, by loving our enemies and helping them.

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